National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center


Our History Timeline

The United States Congress by joint Senate and House Bill 1663 designated Patriot’s Point as the home of the National Medal of Honor Museum in October of 1999.
The museum was enhanced in 2007 with the recognition that more space would be needed. As a result, there was an attempt to build a large museum on land adjoining the Yorktown site. However, for various reasons including that the effort could not obtain the national fundraising required, the group discontinued its quest in November 2018.
In assembling the effort, a public announcement was made before over 200 attendees aboard the USS Yorktown on July 29, 2019, announcing the creation of the National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center.
An immersive museum experience was designed by Healy Kohler Inc., a top design firm from Washington, D.C. The architectural plan was completed by Glick Boehm & Associates of Charleston, S.C. As the function and purpose developed, the private and corporate fundraising process was initiated in August of 2022.
Nearly $17 million has already been raised as of late January 2023.
In the interim, the board voted unanimously on January 25, 2023, to assist the existing National Medal of Honor Museum on the USS Yorktown with a donation of $3.5 million.