Founders Society


The Executive Board has established the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum Founder’s Society to honor the first 100 donors who contributed $1,000 to the National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center Building Fund.

Founder’s Society Members

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Artigues, III

Derek Astorino

James B. Bagwell III

Stephen and Leslie Bailey

Tommy and Victoria Baker

Maj. Richard M. Ball, USAF Ret

Coach Bill Bellichick

John Seabrook Bennett

Louis Bershad

Claude W. Blanchard, III

Claude W. Burns, III

Joe and Kathy Bustos

Charles R. Campbell

Al Cannon

Costa Chekeris

Maj Gen Keith Coln, USAF Ret.

Gray and Elizabeth Coulton

Coach Ryan Day

W. Tim Davis

Coach James Fisher DeBerry

Edward J. Derst III

Alex DeSeta

Edward DeSeta

E.J. DeSeta

Gary W. Edwards

Rear Admiral James H Flatley III USN Ret.

Scott and Linda Foster

Ralph & Gloria Friedgen   

Shelly Nuttall Gardner

Maj. and Mrs. George D. Gates III, AUS Ret

Lee M. Greenwood

Joseph P. Griffith, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hall

Robert Hayes

Corey Heenan

John C. Heenan

LTC Alex Holbert

Coach Bobby Johnson

Col. William C. Johnston USA Ret

Thomas D. and Deanna L. Jones

John Keener

Chip Kelly

Henry A. Kennedy Jr.

Jimmy and Bunny Kerr

Walt and Amanda Knott

Joe and Kathy Landing

Maj Gen James E. Livingston, USMC Ret

John and Jane Lybrand

Michael and Connie Mancari

Charles and Patricia Maraziti

Bobby and Susan C. Marlowe

Chester Marshall, Jr.

Meredith and William McCarthy

Daniel S. McQueeney

W. Thomas McQueeney

Col. & Mrs. John Mentavlos, USAF Ret

Robert and Beth Meredith

W.M. Buddy Milligan

Col. Norman L. Moore, Jr.

Rod D. Moseley

Keith and Chris Nadolski

Wallace Nunn

Joseph Jenkins Nuttall

Thomas and Jenny O’Brien

Lt Gen and Mrs. Pete Osman

General and Mrs. Peter Pace

Russ & Eleanor Parker Charitable Foundation

Capt. Charles A. Peberdy Jr. USN Ret

Ronald C. Plunkett

Justin Price and Family

John Rama

Maj. Gen Mike Regner, USMC Ret

Reinemund Family Foundation

Neil Robinson

Lt. Gen.   & Mrs. John W. Rosa, USAF Ret.

Coach Nick Saban

Phyllis Sheffer

CPT Taylor and Mrs. Skardon USN Ret

Simmons Family Properties

Gregory and Sandra Sims

Coach Kirby Smart

Gerald G. Smeltzer, Jr.

SC Special Forces Foundation

Phillip A. Stiles Jr.

Coach Dawn Staley

Clifford Stanley

Edward C. Sutton II

Coach Dabo Swinney

Charleston Together

George Patton Waters

Mary L. Whyte

Maj Gen. & Mrs. Leo V. Williams III

Josiah Williams

Henry S. Wilson

Kathleen D. Cartland and J. Eric Wooten

Sam and Jane Wyche

Vincent and Yvonne Yax

Karl H. Zerbst, Jr.