Educating to Honor, Honor by Educating

We believe the greatest way to honor the sacrifice of our Nation’s Medal of Honor Recipients is by telling their stories. The best way to empower our citizenry to honor their legacy is by educating all Americans from the Medal of Honor Recipient’s examples of courage, integrity, commitment, sacrifice, citizenship, and patriotism. 

To meet this need and moment, we are developing a dynamic portfolio of interactive programs and immersive exhibit experiences designed to inspire and educate our citizens using interactive discovery, the latest digital strategy, and proven teaching methods. At the heart will be audience-tailored visitor experiences developed in partnership with national educational programs, universities, colleges and business leadership programs. 

The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center can help people of all ages, places, and perspectives gain a better understanding of the essential leadership qualities that underpin our freedom and success as a Nation and society every day. By passing along this knowledge and inspiration, we pay homage to the extraordinary contributions of our Medal of Honor recipients and leverage their example to promote an American identity all citizens can proudly share.

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The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center will be:

A sacred place to draw inspiration and knowledge from Medal of Honor recipients and their stories of valor.
A hub of nationwide collaboration through innovative educational programming
A means to unite the Country around core leadership values to celebrate and carry forward
A place to convene and invite discovery.

A Strong Foundation to Build Upon

We’re not starting from zero. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society (CMOHS) is already actively committed to education and outreach—addressing resiliency, educating America’s youth, and reaching our military, veteran, and business communities. They administer character development programs, the Medal of Honor Museum, and Citizen Honors Awards. Lessons and activities focus on wide-ranging subjects to show how everyday people can make a difference.

To date, more than 17,500 teachers have been trained to use their student programs by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

A National Education Platform

A more dynamic, updated, and expanded platform is needed as the epicenter of a truly national movement to enhance education programs through collaboration with schools, universities, and leadership organizations.

These programs are being developed with natural strategic partners to ensure it connects with core audiences of American life.

Our dream is to create a transformational experience for all who enter – young and old alike. This new facility will both educate and inspire the coming generations as it speaks to sacrifice; the cost of freedom; unity of the country; serving something greater than oneself; and bringing our great Nation back together in concert with who we are – and what we represent to the world around us.
W. Thomas McQueeney, Chair of The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center