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There’s much at stake today. As the world and culture continue to evolve, our Nation is at risk of losing touch with the core leadership values that have created our distinctive American identity and greatness. American leaders of all ages will shape our culture; they greatly need Medal of Honor leadership examples and knowledge to carry forward the best of the American tradition. 

The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center will provide learning experiences that everyone, from young people to mature adults, need to develop into more principled leaders who understand and embrace the values that make this Nation great.

Our dream is to create a transformational experience for all who enter – young and old alike. This new facility will both educate and inspire the coming generations as it speaks to sacrifice; the cost of freedom; unity of the country; serving something greater than oneself; and bringing our great Nation back together in concert with who we are – and what we represent to the world around us.
W. Thomas McQueeney, Chair of The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center

The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center seeks to honor our country’s greatest military heroes and to educate and inspire the coming generations with lessons of extraordinary valor.

The Center will promote American values and the qualities of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism through a timeless presentation alongside a resourceful platform for leadership and education.

Through the establishment of this Center, we will perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor by supporting the objectives, programs, and activities of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Medal of Honor recipients.

Medal Of Honor Museum

The Medal of Honor is the highest award of military valor and has been bestowed upon 3,520 courageous soldiers for valiant and honorable actions in wartime conflicts. In our mission to inspire American leadership, the Medal of Honor Museum is the heart of the center and is designed to bring the courageous wartime stories of Medal of Honor recipients to life — across all military branches, from the Civil War to the present day.

With artifacts, galleries, immersive demonstrations, and experiential exhibits, the museum will evoke unparalleled emotion and as if you are sitting with Medal of Honor recipients listening to their tales of courage — providing a unique connection between present-day individuals and historic heroes.

A curated visitor experience has been designed with immersive, multi-media exhibits to emphasize what unites us as Americans, promote Medal of Honor values, provide context to understand the stories of Award recipients and inspire visitors to positively shape the future

National Designation

Patriots Point is one of a few congressionally recognized Medal of Honor sites in the National Medal of Honor Memorial Act.